A MUM whose house caught fire has been told to move back into her home, despite not being told what caused the blaze.

Danielle Purvey fears for her family after their home, in Malyons, mysteriously went up in flames in October.

Her heroic daughter Kayla, seven, was playing with friends upstairs when she discovered the blaze in her sister’s room.

Thanks to her quick actions the house was evacuated.

The house is one of 400 timber-clad homes on the Felmores estate.

The family were told they would not be able to return for three weeks, but only now have they been told to move back.

But Ms Purvey fears for her and her two daughters, Kayla and Brook, 14, because it is still not known what caused the fire.

She also said repair work has been shoddily done, with burnt woodwork just repainted, rather than being replaced, and her belongings dumped around the house.

She said: “When I walked in, I cried. All my private stuff was in the front room.

“The woodwork is crumbling off inmy hand and it’s just black soot.

“I asked the housing officer if she would move in there, and she said no.

“They haven’t done the door frames so God knows what else they’ve missed.

“It’s really upset Kayla. We just want to get home.”

After complaining, Swan Housing has agreed to replace the door frames, and has given Ms Purvey £200 decorating vouchers.

But she added: “I still don’t knowwhat caused the fire.

“I don’t know if what they have done is legitimate, because if they haven’t got a report back from the fire service, how can they know if they have done it right?

“Moving my kids in there could be dangerous.

“It’s been really stressful – we just want to get back into my house.”

A spokesman for Swan Housing said: “Swan is awaiting a full copy of the report from Essex Fire Service in relation to the cause and we are unable to comment on the causes without this.

“However, we’re committed to working jointly with the Essex Fire Service to get this information to the resident as soon as possible.

“Remedial works were completed and the keys given to the resident in December 2013.

“Further repairs requested by the resident and agreed with Swan and Axis were completed on January 28.”