A TERRIFIED mutt was rescued after spending two days in rubble following a gas explosion in Clacton.

Four-year-old Carrie, a black and white border collie, was left trapped in the back garden of her owner’s home following the blast in Cloes Lane shortly before 8.30am on Wednesday.

She was found by Hertfordshire Fire and Rescue Services’ two-year-old sniffer dog Reqs, who was called in to search for flammable liquids as part of the fire investigation.

His handler Nikki Harvey said the black Labrador was searching the rubble when Carrie was found at lunchtime on Friday.

“Reqs was searching when we heard a whimper.

“It alerted Reqs to the dog and he then made his way over to her.

“She was quite close to the back garden, but was stuck because of the debris around.

“We removed some of that debris. She was scared so we coaxed her out with some treats.

"Other than a few cuts she was fine.

"I'm very proud of Reqs."

Nikki took the dog to a vets to be checked over and the pet is now back with family members.