TRAIN operator c2c is adding extra carriages to its services to cope with increased demand during the tube strike.

Workers are proposing a walkout on London Underground between 9pm Tuesday and 9pm Thursday.

c2c is adding more than 35,000 seats to the off-peak services each day by doubling the length of trains to eight carriages.

During peak travel times they already use every carriage we have.

Trains will only stop at West Ham if the station is staffed by Transport for London.

TfL’s current plan is to open West Ham station, but in the event this is not possible once the strike action is underway, c2c trains would be unable to stop there.

Customers for West Ham should prepare alternative routes to their destination in case the station is not open.

Bosses are not anticipating any other significant impact on c2c services during this time and will resume normal services on Friday, February 7