LITTLE Amelia Ott has a special place in the hearts of staff at a south Essex IVF clinic.

Amelia, who is seven weeks old, was the first to be born following specialist IVF treatment at Bourn Hall clinic, in Lower Southend Road, Wickford.

The clinic, which opened in January last year, means couples across south Essex have access to specialist IVF treatment right on their doorsteps.

Amanda and Christopher Ott, both 31, from Canvey, were the first parents to proudly welcome a girl into the world following a successful course of treatment in Wickford. Little Amelia was born on December 10.

The childhood sweethearts, who met 15 years ago while ice skating and married in August 2007, tried to conceive naturally for two years before turning to BournHall.

Mrs Ott, a sales manager, said: “It was a killer, that wait! But we were over the moon when we realised our baby was finally on the way, just two weeks after our treatment.

“Having Wickford on the doorstep was 100 per cent convenient.

I could go for my appointments in my lunch break, which meant very little disruption to my working life. I honestly couldn’t have hoped or wished for better treatment. The staff were incredible, so lovely, and they always recognised me and remembered my name.”

Bourn Hall also has clinics in Cambridge, Colchester and Norwich. The NHS and self-funded service has helped more than 100 couples in Wickford.

Consultations, monitoring appointments, blood tests and scans all take place at the centre, with egg collection and embryo transfer taking place at the Colchester clinic.

The IVF success rate currently stands at 50 per cent – above the national average of 34 per cent.

Sarah Pallett, Essex manager of Bourn Hall, said: “Our Wickford clinic opened last January as part of our aspiration to provide couples with access to fertility treatment that is local to them.

“We understand a couple’s fertility journey is not an easy one, so the arrival of Wickford’s first babies gives us great pride.”

! Mr and Mrs Ott will tell their full story in Echo Woman tomorrow.