A THIEF shouted: “I just got myself a new iPhone,” as he targeted a man during a street robbery to fund his drugs habit.

Lewis Garland, of Dews Green, Vange, forced his victim to the ground before yelling “give me your stuff” during the robbery in Basildon in October.

Basildon Crown Court heard the terrified man handed over his iPhone, iPod Touch and bag while Garland shouted to waiting pals: “Whoop! I just got myself an iPhone 4”.

Garland, 22, who admitted robbery, was sentenced to ten months in prison suspended for 18 months.

During the robbery the victim was ordered to hand over the passwords to his phone and iPod, the courtwas told. The victim was not injured, but Charlotte Davidson, prosecuting, said he had been left scared and physically shaken.

The victim later reported the robbery to his brother whowent to Garland and demanded he hand the phone and other items back.

Garland told the brother he had not touched the victim or threatened him.

In mitigation, Garland said he had carried out the robbery to raise money for drugs.

Addressing Judge Jonathan Black, he said: “This was an unplanned and opportunistic offence and nobody sought out the victim. We were anxious to get some money to pay for drugs.

“I have been in prison since I was arrested for this. It is not a place I would like to end up. I know unless I kick this drug habit I could end up there again.”

Garland’s suspended jail sentence comes with a requirement to attendadrugs’ treatment programme.

He was also ordered to attend the thinking skills programme, to pay his victim £300 compensation, £100 court costs and £100 victim surcharge.