WORKERS building a controversial housing development are said to be making neighbours’ lives a misery.

The complaints have come from people living near the latest 98-home phase of an estate being built on part of the Ford Dunton research centre site, just off the A127.

They say lorries often park outside their homes and mud and dirt is constantly being sprayed on their cars, as well as the roads and paths.

They are also unhappy about what they say is the poor attitude of site workers.

Ellen Townsend, 50, of School Avenue, said: “The noise is awful.

“A truck comes down about every 15 minutes to clean the road. It makes a big difference, but the road is still really dirty.

"We don’t even bother cleaning our cars any more.

"My daughter has the front bedroom, so she gets woken up in the morning. I have complained about the noise, but nothing has changed.”

A neighbour, who did not want to be named, said workmen had reacted aggressively when approached about the problems.

He said: “The heavy construction vehicles have broken manhole covers.

“The path has been damaged, our cars are constantly dirty and the lorries block our cars in.

“What upsets me most, though, is the attitude of the construction workers. If you ever complain, or politely ask them to move, they are rude.

"They have even sworn at residents.”

A total of 450 homes will eventually be built on the site. The present phase is being built by Bloor Homes, which bought part of the land from Bellway Homes.

Former Basildon Council leader Vic York, of Buller Road, Laindon, said: “They don’t want to park on the new estate and mess it up, so they just park right outside the other houses instead. It isn’t fair at all.

“They have messed up our road and spread mud everywhere, because they are not using the proper equipment or taking the right measures.

“The developers have been contentious the whole way through.

“They don’t have any respect at all for the residents. They are going to be moving on to somewhere else soon so they don't seem to care that they have upset people.”

No one from Bloor Homes was available for comment.