THE brother of a man left trapped under a forklift truck in old Leigh says he is “amazed” he survived.

Angus Browne, 25, spoke as his younger brother Mylo, 23, continued to astound his family and doctors by his miracle recovery.

Mylo, of Tattersall Gardens, Leigh, was trapped under the forklift, which weighs a tonne, after it toppled over as he collected mussels near the shore on Monday afternoon.

It is believed he may have driven over a pothole while using the machine and ended up underneath it.

Work colleagues rushed to his aid, helping to save his life.

Angus said he is amazed Mylo is still alive. He said: “They’re amazed, really, the doctors are just gobsmacked that he is still here.

“All it would have taken was one inch or so and it would have been his head it landed on.”

After the accident, Mylo was airlifted to the Royal London Hospital in a serious condition and put into a medically induced coma.

But by Tuesday night he was out of the coma and talking to relatives.

Angus said: “It’s incredible how quickly he has woken up.

“Unfortunately, we lost our mum, Susan Browne, to breast cancer ten years ago when she was just 46. I think she must have been looking down on him.”

Mylo has been left with a broken shoulder blade – which may need to be wired, has a gouge on his neck and chest pains.

Angus, his brother Jack, 27, sister Daisy, 19, and dad Ollie, 59, have been travelling back and forth to east London from Leigh to be at his bedside since it happened.

Angus found out about the accident when Mylo’s work colleagues at SMS Seafoods called him.

They explained how they had used a cherry picker to lift the forklift off Mylo.

Angus said: “When I got the call it was awful, everything happened so quickly.

“If it wasn’t for the four who got it off him and gave him first aid he wouldn’t be here.

“He’s like a cat with nine lives, it’s just incredible how he’s doing. The doctors have been fantastic as well.

“My phone has been ringing nonstop since it happened with so many people asking how he is, there have been more than 500 comments on my Facebook page about him as well.”

Southend Standard:

MYLO’S co-workers Alex Bartlett, Robert Hudson and father and son Steve and Michael Meddle rushed to the rescue.

Angus Browne said the men helped save his brother’s life by getting him out from under the forklift and giving him first aid.

Mr Hudson, 50, was on a nearby fishing boat at the time but rushed to resuscitate Mylo after helping move him from under the forklift.

He said: “I saw the forklift on its side and went over. I turned the power off, then I realised Mylo was lying there.

“There were a few of us lifting it just to try to give him a bit of air. He wasn’t breathing, he was limp.

“We pulled him out, supporting his neck, and I gave him chest compressions to get him breathing.

“I only did what I had to do really, what any normal person would have done. The shock of what actually happened only really hit me afterwards. It was quite emotional to know I had saved someone’s life.

“Fortunately, I had only recently done a first aid refresher course.”

Mr Hudson has been to visit his colleague and friend in hospital and said it was a relief to see he was improving. He added: “It could have been a tragic accident, but fortunately he seems to have come out of it.”