A PUB function room was swamped with muddy river water – just twomonths after a massive refurbishment because of summer floods.

The Horse and Groom, in Southend Road, Rochford, needed £150,000 of repairs and redecoration after the deluge in August.

The pub had to close for three months and only reopened in November.

Now its function room has been ruined again after the River Roach burst its banks and water rose through the floor on Friday morning.

Landlord Danny Murley said: “The function room is once more under water. It will need new flooring – again.

“High tide at 1pm came without things getting too much worse, but the ground is so saturated “Half the car park is under water and with more rain in the coming days, I worry about it getting worse.”

In August, the cellar was swamped with 5ft of water and flood water ruined the entire downstairs. including the bar, and restaurant.

The business missed out on three months of income and groups and clubs which met there had to go elsewhere. With the function room out of action again, this will once more have a knock-on effect to those groups.

Ironically, Mr Murley is due to meet with Environment Agency engineers on Wednesday to discuss what can be done to prevent the river breaching its banks again and causing such widespread damage.

Mr Murley, 63, who lives above the pub with his children, twins Rachael and Alex, 16, said: “Sadly, it is not going to help me this time. But I hope to find out what they can do to stop me being hit time and time again.

Sandbags simply don’t work.”