A DOCTOR is urging all cyclists to wear helmets after a serious crash left him in hospital.

Dr Krishna Chaturvedi cycles around Westcliff before starting work each day at his surgery in Southbourne Grove.

However, he was in collision with a car on the corner of Chalkwell Avenue and First Avenue and came off his bicycle.

The GP lost consciousness and injured his neck, back and face, particularly around his eye, but believes his life was saved by his cycle helmet.

He said: “I am gradually recovering from the injuries, but thank God there was no serious injury.

“The best protection for me was my helmet.

“What saved my life was wearing the helmet and having lights and a reflector jacket, but most importantly the helmet that I see so many cyclists do not wear.

“I checkedwith patients of mine who cycle regularly and surprisingly about 40 per cent do not wear one, which made me think to put out a message that a helmet must be worn.

“Without a helmet, I might not have survived and I want my experience to warn others.”

Police, an ambulance and paramedic rapid response car attended the crash shortly before 7am last Friday.

Dr Chaturvedi said: “I don’t really remember what happened. When I woke, I was on the road.

“The ambulance and police arrived so quickly.

“I want to express my gratitude towards the members of the public who stopped to help me and call the emergency services, who were excellent.

“They were not only prompt and efficient, but extremely courteous and attentive to my needs.

“Obviously I was at the time concussed and was taken to A&E where I found an extremely helpful nursing and medical team.

“I was in the right time at the right place for the right care.”

Dr Chaturvedi returned to work after a few days recuperation.

Police say the driver was reported for a motoring offence.

Adrian Turner, who is a clinical operations manager in Essex and a cycling paramedic, said: “The key things to stay safe when out cycling are your visibility, your road positioning and being wary of blind-spots on vehicles.”