RESIDENTS are up in arms after parking permit lines painted eight months ago were revealed as unenforceable.

Dashed and yellow lines were painted on seven roads off Valence Way, in the north of the Langdon Hills housing estate in May.

Parking permit bays were already in place in Westmede, Stebbings, Mildmays and Longwick, but they were replaced by Essex County Council with new dashed markings and yellow lines in spring last year, along with Fern Hill, Motehill and Puckleside.

No signs were installed, causing confusion among residents and commuters.

It has now been revealed traffic regulation orderswere never granted for the roads, meaning the parking permit bays are unenforceable.

Residents in Westmede, Stebbings, Mildmays and Longwick have already paid for permits to park outside their homes, but those in Fern Hill, Motehill and Puckleside have been told not to buy a permit until a new scheme is installed.

David Burton-Sampson, chairman of Langdon Hills Residents’ Association, said: “It’s absolutely crazy. They have wasted this money.

“The inability of Essex highways to get this right first time is leading to significant problems for residents in terms of parking during weekdays and the key issue is the danger it has created for both motorists and pedestrians.”

Mr Burton-Sampson said rail users driving to Laindon railway station are clogging up roads between Debden Green and Rye Mead as they think they are banned from the rest of the estate.

Inconsiderate parking has caused accidents including a van on Monday hitting a car when it struggled to see while pulling out of Debden Green on to Valence Way.

Mr Burton-Sampson said: “The fact there is no proper footpath as yet as well, it really is becoming ready for disaster.

“The money spent on trying to get this right could have been spent on improving the dilapidation on the estate, such as potholes and damaged paving stones which currently Essex highways says is not a priority.”

The council would not confirm how much money it had spent painting the lines.

A spokesman said: “Essex County Council is aware of the concerns raised by local residents regarding the current parking arrangements in Valence Way.

“The county council will be working in partnership with the residents’ association to amend the restrictions to balance the needs of residents and prevent commuter parking.

“This proposal is due to be consulted this financial year when residents will be able to give their views.”