A DAUGHTER is demanding answers over the state of her dad’s grave, claiming it has been left looking like a “clay pit”.

Julie Moody, 48, says she is disgusted about Geza Horvath’s grave after flowerpots and ornaments were removed from Pitsea New Cemetery, in Basildon.

Mrs Moody also says another person has been buried too close to her dad’s grave.

It is the second time she has had to complain, as in April last year, she alleged her dad was buried in the wrong plot.

She said: “It’s absolutely disgusting and has just been one thing after another.

“When you are buried, you expect to get some respect and my father has not had that.

“We went down on Monday and couldn’t believe what we saw.

“All of his snowdrops and primroses have been removed, as well as his ornaments.

“It’s clay soil so my sister had been taking top soil to make it look better and all of that had been removed, too.

“They have also buried another man next to my dad and there is just no space between them.

It’s turned it into a clay pit.

“We came away absolutely sickened.”

Mrs Moody, from Rugby, first complained in April when she said Mr Horvath, 78, of Basildon, was buried in the wrong plot.

Basildon Council, which runs the cemetery, has denied the claims.

Mrs Moody said: “We didn’t realise at the funeral, because we were obviously distraught.

“But we asked questions and then the council finally told us in a letter what it had done, a month later.

“We’re just devastated by all of this.”

A council spokesman asked the family to get in touch to discuss their issues.

He said: “A burial took place recently near to Mr Horvath's grave and, to allow access to the new plot, some ornaments from nearby graves would have been removed and then replaced.

“We appreciate this is a sensitive issue and may cause distress.

“However, it is common practise and has to be done to allow new burials to take place.

“In terms of burying in the wrong plot, we do not allocate specific plots for new graves and would not have allocated a plot for Mr Horvath.

“The new grave has not been placed too close to nearby graves.

There is an average four foot gap between most graves at the cemetery.”