TEMPORARY parking restrictions have caused chaos in part of Leigh, with more than ten motorists already being given parking tickets.

Work to remove old lines and paint new ones in Glendale Gardens was supposed to have been completed before Christmas, but was delayed until last week.

Two large yellow temporary signs were placed on the pavement at each end of the street last Wednesday and two more appeared between Leighville Grove and Southsea Avenue.

The signs explained no parking would be allowed on the road while the line work was carried out on Thursday and Friday.

However, not everyone got the message.

Jill Oliver, of Glendale Gardens, received a parking ticket at 9.25am on Friday, after not leaving her house since Wednesday because of a broken ankle.

She said: “We weren’t told about the changes.

“I’ve been parking outside my house without any problem for months.

“Nothing came through the door and any signs were clearly not visible enough. I’m going to complain.

“My husband lost his job this week and there’s noway I’m paying the fine.”

In September, parking regulations along the road changed from monthly alternating, to one fixed side, but the change cannot be enforced until the line work has been completed.

A separate series of A4-sized laminated signs dated December 17 were placed on lamp posts along the road informing residents of last week’s parking prohibition, but one business owner thought they did not go far enough.

Sean Hazell, of Amelie Handpainted Furniture, said: “I nearly got a ticket onThursday. I entered the road via Lymington Avenue and parked. There was no warning until I saw a traffic warden.”

“It’s caused chaos on the road – there was a long row of cars with tickets on Thursday.”

A council spokesman said: “While the temporary parking prohibition is in effect, four temporary no-parking signs are being displayed – these are in addition to the ten permanent signs the council is legally obliged to display.”