A DOG has died after being dumped in an alleyway with her young pups.

The dogs were freezing and suffering from mange when they were discovered by a member of the public on Thursday.

The animals were found in Thurrock and taken to Gemini Kennels, in Hovefields Avenue, Wickford, but the mother could not be saved.

Kennel owner, Michael Knight, is now nursing the two puppies, thought to be Jack Russell crosses, back to health and hopes to find new homes for them as soon as they are well enough.

He said: “The mother was extremely ill and was just beyond saving.

“The puppies’ bellies were swollen to twice the size they should have been because they had not been wormed.

“We will nurse the puppies back to health now, and as soon as they are well enough re-home them.”

Mr Knight said he is growing increasingly concerned about the number of pets being abandoned by irresponsible owners.

He said: “In addition to these, we had four dogs dumped in a field on Boxing Day. It really is horrendous.

“There just seems to be no limit to the number of dogs we are receiving.

“Members of the public need to start taking responsibility for their pets.

“They need to understand dogs are expensive and they are a long-term investment. In many ways it’s like having another member of the family.

“The other thing is, if owners don’t want their dogs to have puppies they need to be spayed of neutered.”

Mr Knight said the puppies can be re-homed together or individually and would suit a family with older children.