CAMPAIGNERS and councillors have raised concerns over the state of the Shoebury Garrison sea wall repairs as high tides and strong winds continue to tear at the patchwork defences.

The temporary Garrison wall repair was completed on Monday after further damage over the weekend, but a similar fix from November has already begun to fail.

Housing developer Cultural and Metropolitan is responsible for much of Shoebury’s sea wall it builds on land behind it, but the quality of the repairs has been called into question.

A C&M spokesman said: “We have received the necessary materials to make a permanent improvement and our contractor is proceeding with this project.

“Following ongoing close consultation with Southend Council about the sea wall, all of the necessary repairs are being carried out to construction industry standards.”

Independent councillor for Shoebury Mike Assenheim called on Southend Council executives to get tough with the developers before the wall is handed to the council later this year. Shoebury sea wall campaigner Ray Bailey said: “The seawall should have been repaired to a one in 200-year standard before any homes were sold.”

Richard Atkins, Southend Council’s coastal defence engineer, said: “The council is happy with the type of materials being used.

“The work being carried out is a first stage repair which will be followed by a much more significant project aimed at improving the whole revetment, to begin later this year.”