ANGRY residents who were promised a new footpath on a dangerous road a month ago are furious because work will not start until the summer.

Langdon Hills Residents’ Association has fought for more than a year to get a path installed along Valence Way, which connects the estate to the heart of Langdon Hills.

Residents, including the disabled and parents with pushchairs, must walk in the road to get out of the estate.

In a highways report sent to councillors, Essex County Council said six weeks of work would begin on December 3, but has now said that datewas given “in error”.

David Burton-Sampson, chairman of the residents’ association, said: “I have it in writing it was supposed to be finished by January 17.

“They are unbelievable. It shows the council clearly has issues in terms of its communication with the public and their councillors. This is an attempt by the council to pull the wool over the eyes of the local community.

“It’s a busy road because if you want to access any of the roads on the estate you drive down Valence Way to get to them. It’s an absolute nightmare and an accident waiting to happen. We are sick of talk, we want action.

“I just hope that the community doesn’t suffer a serious injury or, worse, a fatality while we wait for this footpath to materialise.”

Ukip county councillor for Westley Heights Kerry Smith said he had asked council officers why work hadn’t started and was told there had been “a problem”. He is waiting for more details.

An Essex Highways spokesman said: “The date of December 2013 for footway works to begin in this area was provided in error.

“This was an estimated date communicated to utility providers at an early stage, in line with the New Roads and Street Works Act, to notify them of potential works due to take place in order for the county council and the providers to co-ordinate their activities.

Proposed footway works in Valence Way are currently in the design stage of the process and are due to commence in the summer of 2014.”