A 30FT-LONG hole has appeared in a seawall just a day before another severe storm hits the UK.

The huge section of the garrison seawall has collapsed after being ripped apart by rough seas on New Year’s Day.

Roger Hadley, Tory councillor for Shoebury, spotted the damage east of Barge Pier, while out walking his dog yesterday morning.

He claimed holes in the wall were first seen in April and was angry nothing has been down to plug them, especially as another storm front moves in this weekend.

Mr Hadley said: “The waves were coming over the top of the seawall.

“There was a hole reported last April, but nothing was done about it.

“The seawall is just mud now. If we have more rough seas I doubt it would last long, then we have the risk of flooding.”

Southend Standard:

The stretch of damaged wall is the responsibility of Country and Metropolitan, which is building new homes on land behind the wall.

Southend Council will take responsibility for the wall when development has finished, but with the subject of sea defences a hot topic in Shoebury, campaigners are concerned by the latest collapse.

Ray Bailey, a member of the Friends of Shoebury Common campaign group, said: “It’s unbelievable the council is still not responsible for the wall.

“There were no houses supposed to have been sold until the seawall was fixed properly, but clearly that is not the case.”

Mr Bailey complained about a large hole in the nearby Gunners Park coastline in November and he thinks yesterday’s collapse could be linked to the previous breach.

He added: “That damage suggested there could be more damage behind the wall, perhaps water has got in behind the wall and caused this dramatic collapse.”