WORKMEN have replaced boarding around a disused military house in Shoebury after it was blown down in storms.

The boarding blocked the pathway outside the house, in Ness Road for several days, preventing pedestrians from using the pavement.

The property is a former Army officer’s residence and was once part of Shoebury Garrison before the current owner bought it for £195,000 in 2011.

It has been empty since it was badly damaged by fire 17 years ago, but it is believed the owner has plans to demolish the building and rebuild in order to make it habitable, later this year.

Derek Jarvis, councillor for West Shoebury, said he would like to see the site in use again.

He said: “I understand the owners are planning to do something with it, although I don’t know any detail.

“It would be good to see it reinstated. It’s a part of Ness Road we’ve been looking to see improved, but we have no great influence over.

“The site is not without care.

It has been cleared and I understand the owner is looking to develop it.

“It is up to the owners to replace the boarding. When the site was acquired, they put the boarding up, so it is their responsibility.”

During the winds, council staff used cones to cordon off the part of the road affected by the collapsed boards.

A spokesman from Southend Council said: “We anticipate it will take a little while to address other similar situations in the borough following the Christmas and New Year holiday.

“The council will deal with all such issues it’s responsible for as soon as possible.”