A WAR has broken out between fans of a legendary club.

An event honouring Canvey’s famous soul music club, the Goldmine, has come under fire from the organisers of the longstanding Goldmine Reunion, which involves DJs from the original club.

The Goldmine a hugely popular nightspot in the Seventies and Eighties, drawing clubbers from across the south-east to Canvey. Goldmine jazz, funk and soul nights featured the now legendary DJ Chris Hill, who popularised US acts unknown in the UK until then.

Fans Steve Abbs and Simon Croft say they invested money in getting permission to use the Goldmine names and logo for their event, to be held at Orsett Hall, Thurrock in November.

But the news has angered promoters behind the Goldmine Reunion, which sees Chris Hill take to the decks.

Flip Pearce, 48, who organises the Goldmine Reunion, said: “It’s like they have got a cardboard box with none of the contents.

“How can it be a Goldmine night without Chris Hill? What they are doing is within the realms of the law, but it will upset people.

“The Goldmine is part of people’s childhood; they werebrought up with it. It’s almost insulting to the person who started it.”

Mr Abbs, 46, and Mr Croft, 43, set up the event because of their love for the club, which they went to in their youth. The pair were both young soul DJs.

They say what was supposed to be a happy event to stir memories turned sour when they received abuse and threats on Facebook from diehard Goldmine fans.

Mr Abbs said: “The idea for us is to leave a legacy. Jazz and soul music can’t just disappear when this age group no longer exists.

“If we can create a brand and following and bring it through the ages that would be great.

“We are not out to play nasty with anyone, we just want to bring the music back.We wanted to set it up properly and have been working on it since 2009.”

The Orsett Hall Goldmine night takes place on November 8 at 7.30pm. For more information, visit www.orsetthall. co.uk The next Goldmine Reunion is on November 9 at the Monico, Canvey, from 9am. Visit www.ticketbank.co.uk