CAMPAIGNERS want dogs kept on leads in all public places following the savage death of tiny bichon frize Sophie. Anne Fotheringham’s ten-year-old pet was killed by a Bulgarian mountain dog a week ago as she was being walked in Plumberow Mount, Hockley, with a friend and her two small children. A woman who witnessed the tiny dog being mauled has called for all pet owners to be made to keep their dogs on leads. Yvonne Seymour, 70, of Appleyard Avenue, Hockley, said: “It was terrible I heard a scream and wondered what was going on. “A big dog was attacking a little one and a boy was trying to get it off. It was awful and sent chills down my spine. “I didn’t know what to do. “I felt so sorry for the lady and her little dog. I beg people to keep their dogs on leads. There is no excuse.” Hockley councillor Keith Hudson also wants tighter controls. He said: “It is never the dog’s fault it is the owner’s fault. It is up to owners to accept responsibility and ensure their dogs are kept in a safe situation. “This sort of thing is happening too often with more and more people and pets being attacked. Dogs should never be off the lead where there are children and families.”