THERE are now 2000 new reasons to pay a visit to Sea-Life Adventure on Southend seafront. The aquatic centre has just welcomed exotic new arrivals to thrill visitors including deep sea scavenging Japanese Isopods and glowing pinecone fish, also known as pineapple fish, which are renowned for their smiling faces. The centre, in Eastern Esplanade, has also taken delivery of the Chambered Nautilus, a “living fossil” which has remained virtually unchanged for more than 500 million years. There are also “sexy shrimps”, named for the way they “dance” by moving their tails in a unique back and forth motion. All the new arrivals are native to the Indo–Pacific, and Sea-Life Adventure has imported the creatures all the way from Shizuoka in Japan. There have also been new arrivals from Bali and Vietnam. Lucy Hodge, Sea-Life manager said: “We are constantly trying to develop fresh and interesting displays to give families plenty of new reasons to come and visit Sea-Life time and time again. “We want to be able to show a wide range of fascinating and unusual species from across the globe.”