AN EXHIBITION on the 1953 floods drew visitors to see one of the original pumps used during the catastrophic event. The exhibition was held at St Katherine’s Heritage Centre, in Canvey Road, where many local children learnt about the history island. Organiser David Thorndike, 79, from Mayland Avenue, said: “The younger generation wanted to know what we went through because it wasn’t taught in schools. “The children take an interest when they see pictures of their school under water.” The children leafed through photographs of the floods and were able to see one of the quilts donated from Canada to help people on the island. A Salvation Army flag from that era was also laid out to commemorate all the help the organisation had given during the floods. The exhibition will be held again at the heritage centre from 10am until 4pm on Saturday, March 2. A separate exhibition will also take place at the War Memorial Hall, Canvey, High Street, from 1.30pm on Monday February 25.