RESIDENTS already paying to park outside their homes have signed a petition against the introduction of parking meters on top of their residents’ bays.

More than half of households in the affected stretch of Westbourne Grove have called for the plan to allow outsiders to pay to use their residents’ parking zone in a bid to ease congestion around Southend Hospital to be scrapped.

Steve Bates, 49, of Westbourne Grove, who organised the petition, said: “You could have a residents’ permit but not be able to park in the road because all the bays are taken by people using the pay and display meters.”

Mr Bates has handed Southend Council the petition, in which 50 of the 108 homes in the road between Fairfax Drive and Carlton Avenue replied, all opposing the scheme.

Households pay £15 a year for the first and second permits for their home and are given 60 one-day visitor permits free.