A SHOPOWNER has told how her store was destroyed in seconds after a car came hurtling through the front window.

The Home Sweet Home gift shop was reduced to rubble as the car reversed into the front.

Eyewitnesses said that the driver of the Hyundai lost control of the car as she tried to back it out of High Cliff Drive, only to reverse at speed in a semi circle into Leigh Road, and smashing straight through the store, completely destroying it.

The vehicle stopped just a couple of inches from owner Antonietta Tulino-Smith and her friend who was chatting to her when the crash happened.
Amazingly, nobody was injured.

Ms Tulino-Smith said: “I was just behind my desk talking to my friend when I saw the car coming through the window. I heard an almighty crash and thick black smoke started pouring out.

“It happened so quickly. I was in complete shock and I started screaming.

“The car literally stopped inches away from us. Even when it came to a stop the wheels were still spinning. As far as I’m concerned we’re really lucky to be alive.

“The whole shop is completely destroyed – it was so horrible.”