A HEADTEACHER has pledged to turn around the fortunes of a primary school following a turbulent year.

Crystal Wiggs joined Porters Grange Primary School in September following a year beset with difficulties including the suspension of its previous headteacher, Ros Ferdinand.

Ms Ferdinand was wrongly accused of fiddling exam results and was cleared of any wrongdoing before she left the school.

Porters Grange, in Southend, was also criticised for spending £200,000 on supply staff and governors fought a battle with Southend Council to increase pupil intake.

But with a new heateacher comes a new chapter, and Mrs Wiggs is determined to move on and improve, with the aim of becoming an outstanding school in the future.

Mrs Wiggs said she had noticed a positive change in the atmosphere around the school since taking charge in September.

She added: “The school has had a turbulent past and I don’t think it helped itself.

“But there is the potential to make really really good improvements here.
“We’re aiming to be an outstanding school.

We’re taking it step-by-step and we don’t have a timeframe but I believe we have the teaching staff and plans in place to make this school an outstanding one.

“I’m genuinely thrilled to be head of this school and one of my main aims is to improve the school’s public image.”

The school has tried to intergrate itself into the community by setting up a parents and teacher’ association, a school council made up of pupils from all years, and public events like a Santa’s Grotto and disco.