A SAILOR has completed a solo trip around Britain in memory of his two friends.

Chris Brooks, 26, was the only survivor of a tragic boating accident which killed Glenn Foster, 23, from Colchester, and Chris Hull, 52, from Southend.

Chris, who lives off Eastbury Avenue, Rochford, has now become the first man to make a recorded solo circumnavigation of mainland Britain in a high performance beach catamaran.

He completed the challenge in 39 days, averaging 60 miles a day and on some occasions completing 120 miles in a single sailing day.

The circumnavigation was originally planned with Glenn to be a two-man effort to raise money for NSPCC Childline.

Following the tragic accident Chris decided to make the journey alone.
He said: “There have been many trials and tribulations to the trip and it was by far the hardest and most complex thing I have ever done.

“Anyone who has had the opportunity or stupidity to take a ride on a high performance catamaran in a blow, +15konts, will truly understand the feeling of on the edge, that window between certain capsize or serious pitch pole, they will understand the levels of concentration and complete expertise involved in just keeping the boat upright.“

Chris endured hours of difficult sailing, sometimes up to 12 hours at a time, as well as dealing with encounters such as a near collision with a 10-meter basking shark.
During his voyage Chris was supported by a shore crew who following him with his accommodation - a caravan.

He had already beaten his £10,000 fundraising target before he set sail and now intends to write a passage guide to the coastline of Great Britain.