RESIDENTS have slammed Essex County Council for not introducing salt bins on their steep cul-de-sac.

They said that Seaview Avenue in Basildon is a death trap and, as the cold winter draws closer, it is only a matter of time before an accident happens. When the cul-de-sac becomes iced at the moment the cars are forced to gather in a group at the bottom of the road as they are unable to reach the top.

Nigel Gillatt, who has lived at the very top of Seaview Avenue for 18 years said this has been a problem for years but county council refuse to help. He is calling for immediate action to be taken so a serious accident is prevented.

Mr Gillatt, 51, said: “This is one of the steepest hills in Basildon and is a really big problem. There were examples last year when we had the snow and it was a total nightmare. We had cars slipping and sliding all over the place and it seems to be a young child or elderly person has to be hit before something is done.” He says the residents would be willing to salt the road themselves but without a salt bin this could prove difficult.

“We aren’t asking for much. Surely a salt bin is much easier to handle than someone’s death so why can’t Essex County Council help us out.”

Councillor Andrew Gordon, of Nethermayne ward, said: “I have had several enquiries from residents and must say I am surprised this road doesn’t have a salt bin considering how steep it is. With a cold winter now fast approaching I believe a salt bin needs to be placed on this road with the greatest urgency.”

An Essex County Council spokesperson said: “Essex County Council is currently reviewing the criteria for installing or replacing salt bins. We have looked into alternative ways of making the most of our winter resources and improving the support we offer our residents and highway users. One of those alternative methods is the salt bag scheme where we provide salt to a number of Parish and Town Councils to help local communities support themselves during periods of heavy snow. In addition, for this winter, we are looking to pilot a new scheme whereby larger urban residents groups can access salt bags via their local Essex County Councillor.”