A FAST food restaurant has been closed down after staff were found wading in raw sewage while preparing food in the kitchen.

Southend Council’s environmental health officers were left stunned when they carried out a routine spot check on Krisspy(cor) Fried Chicken at 68 London Road, Southend. The place was shut down straight away.

A note, currently in the shop window, states it has been closed due to sewage leaking from a faulty toilet and broken pipe.
The notice concludes: “It is considered that foods are exposed to a serious risk of contamination.”

A council spokesman said the owner Umer Walli appeared to have made no attempt to rectify the problem before opening up to unsuspecting customers.
This comes just a week after Mr Walli of Hainault Avenue, Westcliff, pleaded not guilty at Southend Magistrates’ Court to five offences concerning the takeaway - he will appear at crown court on December 12.

Southend Council had issued five failure to comply enforcement notices concerning the times the outlet opened and the failure to remove an unauthorised extractor fan.

It was during a routine check to see if these notices had now been complied with that the filthy kitchen was discovered.

A council spokesman said: “Officers found sewage on the kitchen floor from a sewer but they were still trading!”

“It was considered to be a risk to public health and the premises was closed immediately.
“The problem has to be rectified and the premises must be thoroughly disinfected before it can open again. We won’t allow it to open otherwise.”

A defiant Mr Walli said: "We had a minor gutter problem that has now been sorted.

"I am 21-years-old and I bought this business on August 15 last year and since then the council has treated me really badly.

"I don't know what the council has against me or perhaps the previous owner, but they have made being here difficult.
"I am taking the council to court."

A hearing took place at Southend Magistrates’ court relating to the council’s closure of the premises using a Hygiene Emergency Prohibition Order.