THE police probe has ended into the theft of explosives which left a teenager blind in one eye.

British Transport Police decided to reprimand Harvey Rowe, 16, and a 17-year-old friend while cautioning another 18-year-old for stealing rail detonators from a Network Rail depot in Leigh in August.

Consequently Harvey was left blind in one eye after the boys put a box, containing the explosives, on a camp fire in the skate park next to the depot behind Leigh Station.

However Harvey, a pupil at the Belfairs High School, may reject the decision.

His mum Claire, 46?, of Herschell Road, Leigh, said: “I don’t know if accepting this reprimand is saying he is guilty.

“They intend to reprimand him or if he doesn’t agree it will go to court.”

Police visited the family at home on Friday to offer the resolution after more than three months of investigation.

But Mrs Rowe is adamant Network Rail should be blamed for a gap in the fence through which the boys gained access to the site behind Leigh Train Station - and she feels taking a box from a skip should not count as theft.

The mum, who is considering suing Network Rail over Harvey’s injuries, said: “I would like to prosecute Network Rail because they shouldn’t have been allowed to get the detonators.

“Whatever else followed, the detonators shouldn’t have been in the skip.”

An Office of Rail Regulation investigation into security at the depot is still ongoing.

A British Transport Police (BTP) spokeswoman said: “After returning on police bail, two of the boys received a reprimand. The other received a caution for theft.”