A TERMINALLY ill woman is hoping to live what is left of her short life to the full thanks to a fundraising boost from X Factor stars.

Emma Bruton, 22, of Vange Hill Drive, Vange, has just 18 months to live after being diagnosed with a brain tumour the size of an orange.

Despite enduring four bouts of chemotherapy and surgery to remove the cancerous lump, there is nothing else doctors can do.

Her cousin Abbey Pepper, 24, of Sunnydene, Basildon, has decided to use her celebrity links to raise money to make Emma’s remaining few months as comfortable as possible.

She is good friends with south Essex Two Shoes singers Charley Bird and Lucy Texeira, and when she explained Emma’s situation they jumped at the chance to help.

Mrs Pepper said: “We just want to raise as much money as we can to help Emma live a comfortable life. Her sister Rebecca has given up work to look after her and the pair of them are living off benefits. As you imagine its pretty difficult surviving on a couple of hundred pounds a week. They spend all day stuck inside because they can’t afford to do anything else, and when you’ve only got a year to live you want to live it to the full.

“If we raise enough money it would be great to install a downstairs shower room in her house, and maybe even take her on holiday.”

Two Shoes will take to the stage during a fundraising gig at The Cliffs pub on Hamlet Road, Southend.

The event, taking place from 5pm on Sunday, December 2, will also include a raffle and karaoke.

Emma’s tumour was discovered when she began experiencing headaches and kept loosing balance.

The former hairdresser once had dreams of opening her own salon.

Mrs Pepper added: “It’s so sad because Emma is so young, she really is being robbed of her life. The whole family are absolutely distraught as you can imagine.

“When I first told her about the fundraising event at first she wasn’t keen because she felt like it was begging. She just never wants to feel like she’s a burden to anyone.

“If you look at her she looks so well, but she really isn’t at all. She has dealt with all of this so much better than I ever could have.”