A PRIMARY school that is in special measures has coming on leaps and bounds since converting into an academy, according to its high flying headteacher.

The former Briscoe Primary School in Felmores End, Pitsea which is now called the Briscoe Primary Academy and has been part of a school sponsoring school partnership since September.

Debbie Rogan, who is the new executive headteacher of Briscoe and Wickford C of E Infant School, is working across both the schools in a bid to improve standards.

Mrs Rogan, who is a national leader in education, said: “I am really for the school sponsoring schools partnership because it means we can support one another and share expertise.

“We have been helping Briscoe for a long time since the school went into special measures in 2011 and this was the most logical step forward to make it official.

“Since September the school has come on leaps and bounds and I think if we were inspected around now we could be rated good from Ofsted.

“Results are really improving and we have hired new teachers who are all specialists in their fields who are looking after the curriculum across both schools.

“Realistically with the way Ofsted inspects I think we will be rated satisfactory on the next visit and then good for the one after. Briscoe is really on the up and things are going really well.”

The Wickford C of E Infant School in Mount Road is technically responsible for how Briscoe and they are part of the Hearts Academy Trust.

Mrs Rogan added: “There is no magic wand to making a school successful and you don’t have to be an academy for things to work.

“It is down to the leadership of the school and what the people are like who are at the top. Our governors work really well and they are always looking for new innovative ways to improve things.

“Everyone at Briscoe is working their socks off and the sharing of teachers and facilities is working really well, both schools gain from the arrangement. “We are expecting an 18 month turn around for Briscoe and we are right on track for that target.”