A MAN who registered five fake voters at his two-bedroom flat to expose holes in the electoral system has been interviewed by police.

Terry Davis, 58, of Leighton Avenue, who received five polling cards without facing checks from Southend Council, said he was offered a caution to deal with the matter on Monday, but wants to take the matter to court.

The retired market trader said: “I’d like to see the council being questioned in the dock over how incompetent they are and how they try to bully people into keeping quiet.

“I’m someone who won’t be quiet. I’m from a generation that won’t be intimidated by bullies.”

Mr Davis praised the polite officers as “absolutely wonderful”.

The campaigner, who has suffered abuse in the street over his actions, revealed he has now received a mirror in the post with a message telling him to look at himself.

The Crown Prosecution Service will decide whether to take Mr Davis to court, based on whether the evidence police gather is likely to secure a conviction and a prosecution is in the public interest.

Mr Davis had no intention of using the voting cards to vote illegally and handed them over to the Echo.

If convicted, he would face a fine of up to £5,000 and up to six months in prison.