A BOY with learning disabilities was left devastated after thieves stole his coat, portable games console and school bag containing a piece of homework.

Jack Springham, eight, who attends West Leigh Junior School, got an award for the work as it was the first piece he was able to complete without any help.

Police are now investigating after CCTV from outside Jack’s home in Eastwood Road, Leigh, captured two crooks approaching his mother’s Range Rover on the family’s drive on bicycles.

They are soon seen rummaging around in the front of the vehicle before taking Jack’s West Ham rucksack, containing a green exercise book with his name on it, before moving to the back of the car, where they open the boot briefly before riding off.

No entry was forced and Martyne Springham, 39, Jack’s mum, said the police thought the thieves possessed a device that replicated the locking frequency and opened the car.

She said: “When I worked out what had happened I was just so angry that Jack’s stuff had been taken.

“I just want his things back, they mean the world to me.

“I delayed telling Jack because he’d struggle to deal with the thought of mum’s car being broken into on the drive and his bag, coat and Nintendo DS being taken.

Southend Standard:

Jack Springham, 8

“I only noticed it had gone later in the day when I noticed the door wasn’t closed properly, I then looked in and saw the glovebox was open and a cup of coins was all over the car.

“I thought one of the kids might have been rummaging for something but after I checked the CCTV I saw them breaking in.

“It’s strange because even with my keys only the driver’s side normally opens, but on the video you can see them standing by the passenger door for a while then it just opens.

“Police reckoned they had some key code thing and I heard that only Range Rovers were being targeted.”

Southend Standard:

What Jack's bag looks like

Jack attends West Leigh Junior School, The break in occurred at 1.20am on Wednesday and police have confirmed they are investigating.

A spokesman for the force said: "Police would like to hear from anyone with information about a break-in to a car in Eastwood Road in Leigh-on-Sea. Thieves broke into a white Land Rover Evoque at around 1.20am on Wednesday February 17.

"Once inside they made a messy search and stole a number of items including a school bag.

"Anyone with information is asked to call Southend Police Station on 101 or ring Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111."