RESIDENTS and councillors who campaigned for measures to tackle a dangerous Eastwood Junction, have finally got the go ahead for double yellow lines to be implemented.

People living near the junction at Western Approaches and Neil Armstrong Way in Eastwood have suffered huge problems with traffic, accidents and near misses.

Councillors Steve Buckley and Mark Flewitt backed former councillor Paul Collins in pushing for action after his son recently had an accident on the road.

Mark Flewitt, ward councillor for St Laurence, confirmed yellow lines will be installed in areas around the junction and welcomed the move.

He said: “This has been an excellent piece of work for which councillor Buckley and I had been agitating for action for years. Other community activists have been offering evidence as to the need for changes too and we both offer our thanks to them.”

Steve Buckley, Ward councillor for St Laurence, said: “I am very pleased that we are finally able to see this moved through the bureaucracy and make the road safer for residents.”

Mr Collins, who lives in Eastwood, said the yellow lines would make the area safer for pedestrians. He said: “This a very sensible solution that alleviates the immediate danger of the bad parking that was causing accidents and near misses.

“I am pleased that we now have action being taken by the council, but the problem was obvious for more than a year and should have been dealt with before now.”