A number of drivers have been reported for driving offences after about 60 vehicles were seen congregating.

Concerned members of the public contacted the police after seeing the group in Morrison's car park at Northwick Road, Canvey.

A number of the motorists began racing along Roscommon Way.

The Community Policing team attended and shortly after officers from the Roads Policing Unit arrived and managed to catch a number of offenders in the act.

They have been reported for various offences and will see their day in court.

A spokesman from Essex Police said: "Ultimately this activity is always going to attract our attention.

"It impacts upon the local community and is downright dangerous.

"We will pursue prosecutions which can result in fines, points and worse in extreme circumstances - loss of license and vehicles seized under S59 powers.

"All costly and all disclosable to insurance companies.

"In addition, powers under the Anti Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing act 2014 allows us to issue community protection warnings, apply for dispersal orders, injunctions etc. Where there is evidence we will prosecute.

"So the message to those drivers who feel they can turn up and use our roads as a road track - DO NOT BOTHER.

"Thank you to the community for reporting this."