SOUTHEND Pier Crazy Golf kicked off a programme of regeneration for the landmark last year.

The 12-hole course is back for another summer season and is more popular than ever - with Olga the Octopus as its centrepiece.

Darren Lattimer, owner of the attraction, said: “We’ve been doing very well. We started last year and have been granted another licence to operate this season.

“Visitor numbers are up this year.

There’s been lots of school trips as well so we’re doing really well.”

Mr Lattimer added: “We used to be down by the station but the council has other plans for that area so we have moved right down to the end of the pier near the RNLI station.

“We don’t have too many problems with balls going into the sea as we issue rubber-headed mallets and low-bounce balls but you do get a few rolling off the edge.”