SCHOOLCHILDREN have been singing and making a music video to highlight the issue of bullying.

Friars Primary School, in Constable Way, Shoebury, is one of 13 local schools to have joined in with the workshops.

The workshop was run by Nathan Timothy of Bully Beats, a songwriting charity that aims to enthuse children about the process of lyric writing, singing, music arranging and contemporary production while also promoting a serious anti-bullying message.

Children were not just taught how to sing and write a song together but they were also encouraged to express their thoughts on bullying.

By listening to one another and working together as a team the children created something that has an immediate and lasting impact on their peers, the school and the community.

The workshop involved pupils producing their own anti bullying anthem. They wrote the lyrics, composed the melody, sang, rapped and designed their own CD covers. The song was then recorded and put on CD for them to listen to.