A PREGNANT mum has told how she has lost everything in a fire which tore through her home and left her and her family homeless.

The community has rallied around to help Amanda Pain, 29, and her two young sons, after a blaze broke out at the first-floor flat, in Station Road, Westcliff.

The mother-of-two, who is expecting her third child, told the Echo: “It’s awful. We have lost absolutely everything.

“The flat has been completely destroyed. We’ve lost all the kids’ toys, photos and the canvas that the boys had done their handprints on.

“Obviously it is replaceable and I’m glad I was able to get the boys out of the flat. It just hasn’t sunk in yet.”

The family have been forced to stay with Amanda’s mum until the council can rehome them.

The staff of the Lamb and Lion pub next door witnessed the dramatic moment the family escaped the fire and were moved by the circumstances they have been left in.

Chloe Clouseaus, who manages the Vault, beneath the pub, has started collecting items donated by community-spirited customers.

The 35-year-old said: “It’s just horrible that they’ve been left with nothing. People wanted to help so we started collecting items from people.

“Everyone has been absolutely amazing. We’ve had so many items donated to help them get back on their feet.

“Baby clothes, a cot, some blankets and other essential things will help them when they move back into their own place.

“We’ve even had things like new toys because it was her little one’s first birthday on Wednesday, so we were able to make it as normal as possible for him.

“I’ve been so amazed by the response because in this day and age everyone is very cynical so I just wasn’t expecting it.

“I wanted to get everyone together so they can see what they’ve achieved and invite Amanda and the boys so she can thank everyone.

“We’re holding a party this Sunday at the Vault from 2pm to 8pm and everyone is welcome to come.”

An investigation into the cause of the fire has established that it started accidentally.