POLICE are urging owners of pick-up trucks, vans and people carrier-type cars to be vigilant following reports of various incidents across the Southend district where catalytic converters have been stolen from cars. 

This is particularly prevalent in cars with a higher ground clearance making it easier for someone to climb underneath and cut it out. 

A policer spokesman said: "Essex police urges all owners to use preventative measures when possible. 

"These include, buying a locking loom, which can secure the catalytic converter, parking in a well-lit area or in view of overt security cameras and parking in a garage or on a driveway.
If there are a fleet of parked cars, it’s a good idea to park high clearance cars next to low clearance cars so access to the catalytic converter can be obstructed."

If anyone sees any suspicious behaviour they are asked to call Southend police station on 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.