MATTRESSES, a trampoline and a childメs paddling pool were among flytipped rubbish cleared by volunteers.

Members of Westborough Community Association and Kevin Robinson, Labour councillor for Westborough, have cleared rubbish from an alley between Northview Drive and Westcliff Park Drive, Westcliff.

Organiser David Webb, of the residents' group, said: "This was a combined effort and only a few months ago this was cleaned by myself and former Lib Dem councillor Paul Collins in April.

"We have asked the police at local meeting to put a camera to capture the fly-tippers, however the two cameras had to be used to catch drug takers and dealers in Westborough.

"A huge thank you to all those who co-operated and worked together keeping Westborough a cleaner area."

Within 45 minutes the group managed to collect three bags of clothes, four bicycle tyres, two double mattresses, a microwave, a computer hard drive, a broken double bed, a foot stool, two bags of soil, a paddling pool, a side cabinet, a trampoline and wood.

The alleyway is the joint responsibility of the owners of the houses that back onto it.