A MAN admitted kicking his sevenyear- old daughter as he lashed out at police investigating a domestic incident.

The father, 43, from Westcliff, who cannot be named for legal reasons, assaulted his young daughter and a policeman as officers escorted him from his partner’s property.

During a hearing at Southend Magistrates’ Court, Lesley Chipps, prosecuting, said the man was drunk and aggressive when he turned up at his partner’s home on a number of times on Sunday night.

At about 4am on Monday he returned, drunk, and let himself in through an unlockeddoor. Hewas arguing and aggressive and was being asked to leave but refused, so police were called.

Police believed he was pretending to be asleep on the sofa when they arrived.

Ms Chipps said: “He was asked to leave the premises but refused, so officers took hold of him.

“He was being obstructive, swinging his arms around. He had to be restrained by officers. It appears the young child was standing in the hallway by the door and as he walked past he kicked out his leg towards her making contact with the right arm. There was some force, it sent her backwards and although there were no visible injuries she grabbed her arm in pain.”

The court heard the family did not wish to take action against the man, but police, who were witnesses to the assault, urged the prosecution to take action.

Essex Police are currently running a campaign across the county to stamp out domestic abuse.

Adam Merrick, mitigating, said the man was lashing out towards his partner, but struckhis daughter by mistake.

He added: “This was a reckless assault. He has said throughout that he was asleep and was woken up by police.

He was angry by being removed from the property. This was reckless, not targeted and this is out of character.”

The Crown Prosecution Service withdrew the assault on the police officer.

The man will appear at Basildon Crown Court on July 1 for sentence. He was remanded in custody until then.