A PRIZED number plate that Essex County Council sold for £440,000 in 2008, is now on sale for £10million.

Afzal Kahn bought the ‘F1’ plate from the council six years ago, but it is now being advertised with RegTransfers, the personalised number plate specialists, who listed it for £1million in September 2012.

When owned by the council, the 109-year-old registration was used by then-chairman Gerard McEwen on a Volvo S80.

Mr Kahn reportedly turned down a £6million offer last year, prompting calls that the council could have got more for the plate.

A council spokesman said: “We got the best price for it at the time we sold it and it still remains the highest value for a number plate.”

Council Hall used the £440,000 to fund a charity aimed at improving the standard of young drivers.