A SOUTHEND trade union will hold a protest on Tuesday (June 10) against proposed pay increases.

Members of UNISON will protest on the steps of the Civic Centre at 1pm on Tuesday to voice their anger over a below-inflation offer of a one per cent pay increase from the national local government employers.

To benefit the low paid and claw back years of pay cuts, UNISON is calling for a rise of at least £1 an hour.

It is also encouraging its members on Southend Council, in schools and at South Essex Homes to make sure they vote for strike action to be taken before the closing date of June 23.

Southend UNISON’s branch secretary, Claire Wormald, said: “Our members have suffered year after year of cuts to their pay.

“They and their families are finding it harder and harder to make ends meet.

“When we got the news of the insulting one per cent offer from our national employers, we consulted our members across the country and they voted to reject it.

“That’s why we’ve called this official industrial action ballot.”