BLIND football is being given a boost by a Hawkwell football club as they hold a taster session.

The event is designed so anyone with a registered visual impairment, male or female, can go along and have a go.

Sighted friends or family members can attend and experience what blind and visually impaired football is all about.

Blind football uses a ball with a metal bearing inside that makes a noise when it moves so players can track its sound, goalkeepers though are fully sighted.

Partially sighted football Matt Levington said: “Kicking a ball around in a competitive game is something I feared I might never be able to do again. “Not only am I now able to play a sport I have always loved but doing it has kept me in touch with reality and gives me the same buzz it always used to do.”

Hawkwell Athletic Football Club, in association with the Essex Football Association, will host the session on April 26 from 10am to 12pm at King Edmund School, Vaughan Close, Rochford.

The event is free and registration is open now at