HOUSEHOLDS can save up to £700 if they follow Essex County Council’s latest recycling advice.

A new video has been launched aimed at helping families save money and reduce food waste.

The average family wastes £700 worth of food each year and the council are advising shoppers to only buy what they need, cook the right amount and to store leftovers correctly.

The council remind residents that any uneaten food can be recycled in kerbside food waste collection containers.

The short video features a shopper being followed around a supermarket by their kitchen bin. The animated bin is ‘fed’ some of the shopper’s food before they put it in their trolley - as it will only be thrown away once back at home.

Cooked and uncooked food can all be recycled in addition to bones and skin, gristle, coffee grinds, fruit and veg peelings, tea bags, bread and egg shells – in fact all plate scrapings and food preparation waste.

Food waste collected from households can be recycled into fertilizer and bio-gas.

Bio-gas can be turned into electricity and/or heat.

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