MORE details of a £4.75million revamp of one of the A127’s busiest junctions have emerged.

The overhaul of the Tesco roundabout, in Southend, set to start in September, will include more space for cars waiting to turn right to Westcliff and Leigh down Prince Avenue, just before the major junction, where the A127 meets Nestuda Way.

The existing 65-yard feeder lane fills up at busy times, with cars backing up on the right hand lane of the Southend-bound carriageway of the A127, blocking traffic and risking safety as lorries hurtle round the upcoming bend at 40mph.

The feeder lane would be trebled in length and widened to three yards under the revamp, part-funded by a £3.26million Government grant.

Tony Cox, Southend councillor responsible for transport, said: “That right hand turn causes quite considerable tailbacks and anything that can be done to reduce jams can only be a good thing.

“It will allow freer flowing up to the main junction.

“The tailbacks were a particular bugbear of mine. This will be an improvement and I’m pleased it has been included in the scheme.”

Independent Prittlewell councillor Ric Morgan, who uses the turn on his way home to Hobleythick Lane, Westcliff, said: “It’s a good idea for safety and a good idea generally for people trying to get into Prittewell.

“Quite often when you come up to it, you are stuck on the carriageway.”

New staggered “Toucan”

crossings, for pedestrians and cyclists, will be introduced across Thanet Grange, leading up to Tesco and the RBS offices, and Nestuda Way, which leads towards Eastwood, Rochford and Southend Airport.

Both Thanet Grange and Nestuda Way will be widened from two to three lanes as they approach the roundabout, which will have new traffic lights with sensor tracking the amount of approaching traffic similar to Cuckoo Corner, the Echo revealed in January.

The Southend-bound carriageway of the A127 will lose its dedicated lane for turning left onto Nestuda Way and be widened to four lanes as it approaches the roundabout.

Extra lanes would be added to both the Southend-bound and London-bound carriageways of the A127 as they exit the roundabout.

The work is set to last until April next year and the junction will be complete by July next year.