FAMED daughter of Leigh Dame Helen Mirren is lending her face and childhood memories to a Barnado’s campaign aimed at recruiting more foster carers.

The actress has shared her most cherished childhood photos and memories with the Create My Memories campaign.

It calls on people in Essex to consider becoming foster carers to help create happy childhood memories for some of the most vulnerable kids in the country.

Figures show 8,600 more foster carers are needed across the UK, with 650 needed in the East of England, particularly in Essex where there is an urgent demand.

Rachel Maloney, Barnardo’s assistant head of fostering in London and the South East, said: “Without the right foster family to care for them, many vulnerable children may never experience the love and stability they so desperately need and happymemories will remain a distant dream.”

There are more than 90,000 children in the care system in the UK, and Barnado’s hopes to grab people’s attention by projecting Dame Helen’s adorable photo on to buildings.

It will feature in the busiest high streets in London, Manchester and Glasgow through the charity’s sixth annual Fostering and Adoption week, which runs all this week.

To find out how you can help foster a child, visit www.

barnardos.org.uk/fostering or call 08000 277 280.