SPEED bumps could be added to a rat run road following a campaign by exasperated residents.

Chiefs at Southend Council are planning to introduce traffic calming measures in Broomfield Avenue, Leigh, to stop crafty motorists using it as a short cut to the A127.

The problem sparked a campaign for changes, led by Liberal Democrat leader Graham Longley, and the road has now been added to the authority’s “to do” list.

Mr Longley said: "It's been a real issue which has been reported by many people.

"There are a number of points in the road where drivers have lost control and ended up hitting people's property."

Timothy Goodwin, 47, has lived in the street for seven years.

He said: “It’s been noticeable for a long time, especially around rush hour.

“A lot of people use it as a quick way onto the A127 when they’re coming from Westcliff or the town centre.

“Cars really get a lot of speed up coming down the hill.”

A request for changes was submitted by Mr Longley last summer.

Council officers decided to act after setting up devices to measure the average speed of vehicles in the road.

The results showed nearly one in five breached the 30mph limit.

According to official records, there have also been five accidents in the road, including one child who suffered severe injuries when struck by a vehicle while on foot.

Adding the street to the council’s priority list means it will be bumped to the front of the queue for traffic calming measures when funding becomes available.

However, the idea has been criticised by Labour councillor Julian Ware-Lane, who represents Milton, but lives in Mr Longley’s ward - Blenheim Park.

Writing on his blog, he accused residents of claiming “exclusive” use of the road.

He added: “If a route suddenly becomes popular, I cannot see why this should see traffic calming, invariably involving some kind of speed hump, installed.

“I profess an intense dislike for speed humps anyway.

“By all means take measures to ensure the rule of law is upheld by car users, but do not attempt to make your road unusable.”